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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Greppin Rotes Band FinaleGreppin28 APR 20196OPEN277 Ballymac Alesha17.45
Greppin Rotes Band FinaleGreppin28 APR 20197OPEN277 Ben Hur17.08
Greppin Rotes Band FinaleGreppin28 APR 20198OPEN490 Bally Mac 31.34
Greppin VSR FinaleGreppin28 APR 20199OPEN490 Cailin30.89
Greppin VSR FinaleGreppin28 APR 201910OPEN490 Zenit 30.79
BEENLEIGH LEGALIpswich27 APR 20198GR GRAD520 Mia's Karmar30.97
Perry Barr 27 Apr 2019 HT 6Perry Barr27 APR 20196GR A7480 Higher Returns29.73
Perry Barr 27 Apr 2019 HT 8Perry Barr27 APR 20198GR A8480 Charity Flight29.79
Perry Barr 27 Apr 2019 HT 6Perry Barr27 APR 2019E6GR A7480 Cloncunny Sal29.56
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby SemShawfield27 APR 20196OPEN480 Droopys Nadal29.24
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby SemShawfield27 APR 20197OPEN480 Jaguar Jack28.98
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby SemShawfield27 APR 20198OPEN480 Droopys Verve29.02
Southland April 27, 2019 Evening Race 16Southland27 APR 201916GR C533 Major Attitude32.56
Swindon 27 Apr 2019 HT 10Swindon27 APR 201910GR A5480 Emotional29.52
WWW.DA-ICE.COM.AU STAKESThe Gardens27 APR 20195GR Mixe515 Zipping Garth29.20
Kasko Dog Foods A4/A5 525 yds stake Round 1Thurles27 APR 201910GR A4480 Lemon Bale29.67
Wheeling Downs 27 Apr 2019 HT A17Wheeling Downs27 APR 2019A17GR AA501 AJN Cubano30.20
Yarmouth 27 Apr 2019 HT 3Yarmouth27 APR 20193GR A7462 Mona Mark Two28.85
Henlow 26 Apr 2019 HT 9Henlow26 APR 20199GR A11460 Milford Express29.02
CORAL REGENCY - FINAL HT 9Hove & Brighton25 APR 20199GROUP1695 Aayamza Breeze41.42
Sponsor A Race With Your Own Race Title StaNewcastle (Brough Park)25 APR 20199GR A5480 Kylevan Lolly29.46
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth25 APR 20197GR A5462 Pack Wolf28.70
Share Your Photos Using #NewcastleDogs StakNewcastle (Brough Park)24 APR 20193GR A3480 Deja Diablo29.52
Blunsdon Maiden Stayers HT 10Swindon24 APR 201910OPEN685 Mai Tai42.81
Monmore Green 23 Apr 2019 HT 13Monmore23 APR 201913GR A6480 Delboys Cabra29.08
Monmore Green 22 Apr 2019 HT 7Monmore22 APR 20197GR S2630 Ballydoyle Star38.79
PREMIUM TYRE SERVICE NOWRA STAKESNowra22 APR 20194GR Free520 Sweet Nangar29.97
Yarmouth 22 Apr 2019 HT 5Yarmouth22 APR 20195GR A5462 Pet Lamb28.39
Wheeling Downs 21 Apr 2019 HT A14Wheeling Downs21 APR 2019A14GR AA501 JS Drinkmepretty29.96
Crayford 20 Apr 2019 HT 11Crayford20 APR 201911GR A6380 Cronody Rocket23.86
2019 Con and Annie Kirby Memorial FinalLimerick20 APR 20199GROUP1480 Toolmaker Josie28.37
Perry Barr 20 Apr 2019 HT 5Perry Barr20 APR 20195GR A8480 Lisatunny Bird29.94
Perry Barr 20 Apr 2019 HT 6Perry Barr20 APR 20196GR A3480 Cloncunny Gold29.28
Perry Barr 20 Apr 2019 HT 10Perry Barr20 APR 201910GR A2480 Quare Slip29.13
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby 201Shawfield20 APR 20193OPEN480 Droopys Verve28.61
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby 201Shawfield20 APR 20194OPEN480 Boylesports Xtra28.69
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby 201Shawfield20 APR 20195OPEN480 Droopys Nadal28.85
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby 201Shawfield20 APR 20196OPEN480 King Turbo29.20
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby 201Shawfield20 APR 20197OPEN480 Priceless Blake29.00
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby 201Shawfield20 APR 20198OPEN480 Droopys Davy28.78
Healthcare and Transport Services Oaks FinaShelbourne Park20 APR 201910GR AA0480 Cracked Lady28.37
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth20 APR 20198GR A7462 Royden Wolf28.88
www.newcastledogs.com Good Friday Maiden 64Newcastle (Brough Park)19 APR 20199OPEN640 Jaxx Raisevolume39.59
Nottingham 19 Apr 2019 HT 2Nottingham19 APR 20192GR A3500 Headford Joule30.46
Nottingham 19 Apr 2019 HT 15Nottingham19 APR 201915GR A3500 Nidderdale Mason30.27
Swindon 19 Apr 2019 HT 2Swindon19 APR 20192GR A5480 Wychwood Harvey30.08
Follow Newcastle Dogs On Social Media StakeNewcastle (Brough Park)18 APR 20194GR A4480 Deja Diablo29.19
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 5Romford18 APR 20195GR A7400 Wychwood Katie24.97
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOP HT Hove & Brighton17 APR 20193GR B3490 Abbodabbo Darlin29.64
LADBROKES DAILY VIDEO STAKESRichmond17 APR 20197GR Grad535 Zipping Garth30.09
Central Park 17 Apr 2019 HT 6Sittingbourne17 APR 20196GR A6480 Twisted Bliss30.10
Wheeling Downs 17 Apr 2019 HT A15Wheeling Downs17 APR 2019A15GR AA501 MRL Cowboy Way29.83
Monmore Green 16 Apr 2019 HT 5Monmore16 APR 20195GR A2480 Her Crazy Man28.67
Monmore Green 16 Apr 2019 HT 11Monmore16 APR 201911GR A6480 Droopys Tavern29.61
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth15 APR 201911GR A8462 Royden Wolf29.40
Yarmouth 15 Apr 2019 HT 13Yarmouth15 APR 201913GR A6462 Pack Wolf28.86
Perry Barr 14 Apr 2019 HT 6Perry Barr14 APR 20196GR A7480 Bitofasausage29.90
Henlow 13 Apr 2019 HT 4Henlow13 APR 20194GR S4550 Jaxxon Facebook34.56
Barking Buzz App Open Unraced 525 FinalLimerick13 APR 20198GR N0480 Lubagh Kirsty28.93
The House Of Razor 10 Year Anniversary StakMonmore13 APR 20196OPEN480 Proud Prize28.47
Gorgeous Graces Birthday Bash HT 7Monmore13 APR 20197OPEN480 Bloos Diego Hope28.57
Sandbahnmeisterschaft 2019 FinaleMünster13 APR 20196OPEN275 Gypsy Yolo16.18
Perry Barr 13 Apr 2019 HT 1Perry Barr13 APR 20191GR A8480 Catunda Libby30.05
Healthcare and Transport Services Oaks SemiShelbourne Park13 APR 20197GR AA0480 Cracked Lady28.49
Wheeling Downs 13 Apr 2019 HT E5Wheeling Downs13 APR 2019E5GR A501 Dolla Signs30.27
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth13 APR 20197GR A6462 Jaydeecee28.94
Henlow 12 Apr 2019 HT 5Henlow12 APR 20195GR A7460 Savana Cherry28.77
Superior Product @ Stud A4 525Kilkenny12 APR 20192GR A4480 Tommys Dream29.58
Owners Bonus Series Third Bonus of Ten TropNottingham12 APR 20195GR A2500 Odell Ayla30.43
Wheeling Downs 11 Apr 2019 HT A10Wheeling Downs11 APR 2019A10GR A501 JS Geartotherear30.39
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth11 APR 201911GR A6462 Moneygall Bruno28.70
Monmore Green 10 Apr 2019 HT 7Monmore10 APR 20197GR A5480 Leams Puma28.84
Adopt A Greyhound From The Northumberland RNewcastle (Brough Park)10 APR 20194GR A8480 Estella30.17
ROMFORD Wednesday 10th April 2019 SIS MeetiRomford10 APR 20191GR A7400 Wychwood Katie25.26
Monmore Green 09 Apr 2019 HT 13Monmore9 APR 201913GR A6480 Catunda Sapphire29.09
RACE 5Derry8 APR 20195GR A0457 Drumcrow Collin27.93
Henlow 08 Apr 2019 HT 7Henlow8 APR 20197GR A11460 Donnacha29.04
Monmore Green 08 Apr 2019 HT 8Monmore8 APR 20198GR A5480 Ballydoyle Star29.46
Monmore Green 08 Apr 2019 HT 12Monmore8 APR 201912GR A4480 Newinn Lola28.88
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth8 APR 20198GR A8462 Mindfulness29.34
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim VLHildesheim7 APR 20192OPEN280 Ballymac Alesha17.53
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim VLHildesheim7 APR 20193OPEN280 CCool Again17.34
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim VLHildesheim7 APR 20194OPEN280 CChewbacca17.23
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim VLHildesheim7 APR 20195OPEN280 Ben Hur17.25
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim VLHildesheim7 APR 20196OPEN480 Zenit 29.78
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim FinaleHildesheim7 APR 20197OPEN280 CCool Again17.08
Frühlingsrennen Hildesheim FinaleHildesheim7 APR 20198OPEN280 CChewbacca17.16
Perry Barr 07 Apr 2019 HT 7Perry Barr7 APR 20197GR A4480 Drahbeg Dash29.30
Grote Prijs van LimburgVenlo7 APR 20191GR 350 Ricco21.74
Monmore Green 06 Apr 2019 HT 11Monmore6 APR 201911GR A1480 La Brava28.57
Follow Newcastle Dogs On Social Media StakeNewcastle (Brough Park)6 APR 20194GR A7480 Flaggy Shore29.48
Nottingham 06 Apr 2019 HT 4Nottingham6 APR 20194GR A4500 Woodcocks Aliona31.15
Perry Barr 06 Apr 2019 HT 9Perry Barr6 APR 20199GR A4480 Swift Argo29.59
Healthcare and Transport Services Oaks RounShelbourne Park6 APR 20194GR AA0480 Cracked Lady28.79
Monmore Green 05 Apr 2019 HT 2Monmore5 APR 20192GR S1630 Cush Girl39.07
Wheeling Downs 05 Apr 2019 HT A14Wheeling Downs5 APR 2019A14GR B501 JS Geartotherear30.24
Monmore Green 04 Apr 2019 HT 11Monmore4 APR 201911GR A3480 Enchanted Shadow29.65
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth4 APR 20197GR A6462 Curley Whit28.61
Naples-Fort Meyers 03 Apr 2019 HT 7Naples-Ft. Myers3 APR 20197GR B503 CT's Bill30.38
Blunsdon Maiden 509ER HT 8Swindon3 APR 20198OPEN509 Jelly Flood30.56
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