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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
HOVE 515 (DUPLICATED) HT 9Hove & Brighton28 FEB 20199OPEN515 Wildfire Legend30.25
HOVE MAIDEN SPRINT HT 10Hove & Brighton28 FEB 201910OPEN285 Final France16.71
HOVE 515 (DUPLICATED) HT 11Hove & Brighton28 FEB 201911OPEN515 Droopys Gold29.97
HOVE LADIES HT 12Hove & Brighton28 FEB 201912OPEN490 Kanturk Repeat28.94
Monmore Green 28 Feb 2019 HT 4Monmore28 FEB 20194GR D2264 Billericay Blue15.82
Monmore Green 28 Feb 2019 HT 9Monmore28 FEB 20199GR A4480 Bravo Kiss29.37
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth28 FEB 20198GR A5462 Pack Wolf28.90
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STANDARD HT 2Harlow27 FEB 20192OPEN415 Claires Turbo26.31
HARLOW MAIDEN STAYERS MONKEY HEAT 1 HT 3Harlow27 FEB 20193OPEN592 Savana Gabriel38.31
HARLOW MAIDEN STAYERS MONKEY HEAT 2 HT 5Harlow27 FEB 20195OPEN592 Camp Sophie38.08
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STANDARD HT 9Harlow27 FEB 20199OPEN415 Moaning Matrix26.15
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STAYERS HT 10Harlow27 FEB 201910OPEN592 Sensual38.01
Monmore Green 27 Feb 2019 HT 3Monmore27 FEB 20193GR A9480 Bloos Gold Rush29.78
Monmore Green 27 Feb 2019 HT 5Monmore27 FEB 20195GR S3630 Beatties Artemis39.01
Monmore Green 27 Feb 2019 HT 8Monmore27 FEB 20198GR A7480 Locnamon Al29.29
CHECK ROMFORDDOGS.COM FOR ALL YOUR RACING NRomford27 FEB 20195GR A2400 Miss Blackbell24.56
The Blunsdon 509ER HT 5Swindon27 FEB 20195OPEN509 Ballymac Reds30.51
Swindon 27 Feb 2019 HT 6Swindon27 FEB 20196GR A8480 Blu Tak30.40
The Blunsdon Maiden Stayers Dupl HT 7Swindon27 FEB 20197OPEN685 Astro Millie42.96
The Blunsdon Maiden Stayers Dupl HT 8Swindon27 FEB 20198OPEN685 Easy Dilemma42.82
Henlow 26 Feb 2019 HT 3Henlow26 FEB 20193GR A5460 Towstar Del Boy28.20
Henlow 26 Feb 2019 HT 5Henlow26 FEB 20195GR A9460 Mash Mad Millie28.28
Monmore Green 26 Feb 2019 HT 10Monmore26 FEB 201910GR A6480 Armoy Sam29.61
Monmore Green 25 Feb 2019 HT 7Monmore25 FEB 20197GR D4264 Tiarnans Blonde16.02
Southland 25 Feb 2019 HT 14Southland25 FEB 201914GR A533 American Andale32.09
Y.T.S. Unrced Stake N/0 525 Semi-FinalYoughal25 FEB 20191GR N0480 Ballyhimikin Jet29.31
Henlow 24 Feb 2019 HT 6Henlow24 FEB 20196GR A11460 Blooms Batman29.08
THE CEARNSPORT SPRINGBOK Semi-Final 1 HT 7Sittingbourne24 FEB 20197OPEN480 Mane Mane29.54
CENTRAL PARK STAYERS HT 12Sittingbourne24 FEB 201912OPEN642 Affleck Bolt39.97
Wheeling Downs 24 Feb 2019 HT A7Wheeling Downs24 FEB 2019A7GR C501 JS Geartotherear30.74
The Fundraising @ Curraheen Park 330Cork23 FEB 20195GR SS0302 Boynepark King17.82
The Sponsor A Race 525Cork23 FEB 20196GR A0480 Murlens Madison28.65
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET SPRINT HT 2Crayford23 FEB 2019A2OPEN380 Savana Class23.74
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET MARATHON HT 5Crayford23 FEB 2019A5OPEN874 Swift Danielle56.46
THE PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Final HTCrayford23 FEB 2019A7OPEN540 Droopys Noodle33.84
THE CHIEF RAMSBOTTOM HURDLE HT 8Crayford23 FEB 2019A8OPEN380 Lotties Rocket24.02
THE 2019 LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET - Final HTCrayford23 FEB 2019A9GROUP1714 Stardom45.27
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET SPRINT HT 10Crayford23 FEB 2019A10OPEN380 Sleepy Genie23.31
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET 1048 HT 11Crayford23 FEB 2019A11FEATURE1048 Aayamza Breeze68.87
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET 540 HT 13Crayford23 FEB 2019A13OPEN540 Desperado Dan33.99
LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET LADIES STAKES HT 14Crayford23 FEB 2019A14OPEN540 Clairekeith Rhia34.20
HENLOW SATURDAY 23RD FEBRUARY HT 1Henlow23 FEB 20191GR A6460 Mashmad Bale28.19
Henlow 23 Feb 2019 HT 9Henlow23 FEB 20199GR S2550 Savana Pam34.27
Blastoff Jet Open Unraced 525 FinalLimerick23 FEB 20197GR N0480 Blakefield Van28.76
Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Trialstake 525Limerick23 FEB 201910GR AA0480 Deadly Storm28.59
Mike O'Dwyer Motors Open 600Limerick23 FEB 201911GR AA0549 Doggy Mcdogface32.50
Monmore Green 23 Feb 2019 HT 2Monmore23 FEB 20192GR A4480 Droopys Jubilee29.00
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY TRIAL STAKES HT 3Monmore23 FEB 20193OPEN480 Seaglass Tiger28.71
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY TRIAL STAKES HT 5Monmore23 FEB 20195OPEN480 Beatties Fear28.65
GRANDADS 2 AND 4 MEMORIAL STAKES HT 7Monmore23 FEB 20197OPEN480 Goldies Hoddle28.58
LADBROKES 630 HT 8Monmore23 FEB 20198OPEN630 Brigadier Bullet37.99
The Try A Trio A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park23 FEB 20193GR A1480 Riverside Leo28.18
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Round 2 HShelbourne Park23 FEB 20198GR AA0503 Akelawre29.32
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Round 2 HShelbourne Park23 FEB 20199GR AA0503 Lenson Blinder29.37
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Round 2 HShelbourne Park23 FEB 201910GR AA0503 Lenson Whelan29.72
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Round 2 HShelbourne Park23 FEB 201911GR AA0503 Clona Blaze29.32
Wheeling Downs 23 Feb 2019 HT E1Wheeling Downs23 FEB 2019E1GR B501 PJ Master Gunner30.14
Wheeling Downs 23 Feb 2019 HT E5Wheeling Downs23 FEB 2019E5GR AA501 PJ Wegetsdamoney30.14
Yarmouth 23 Feb 2019 HT 5Yarmouth23 FEB 20195GR D3277 Lakota Gold16.70
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth23 FEB 20198GR A7462 Dirreen Jet28.85
Monmore Green 22 Feb 2019 HT 1Monmore22 FEB 20191GR A2480 Come On Rodney28.86
Monmore Green 22 Feb 2019 HT 13Monmore22 FEB 201913GR A5480 Beatties Artemis29.43
Naples-Fort Meyers 22 Feb 2019 HT E7Naples-Ft. Myers22 FEB 2019E7GR D503 CT's Bill30.40
The Bet On The Tote A2 525 FinalShelbourne Park22 FEB 20199GR A2480 Delivered28.70
2019 GMHD Insurances Juvenile Classic RoundTralee22 FEB 20195GR N0480 Toolmaker Daddy28.80
2019 GMHD Insurances Juvenile Classic RoundTralee22 FEB 20196GR N0480 Tiger Jack28.85
2019 GMHD Insurances Juvenile Classic RoundTralee22 FEB 20198GR N0480 Ballymac Syd28.86
2019 GMHD Insurances Juvenile Classic RoundTralee22 FEB 20199GR N0480 Burgess Bucks28.61
CORAL WINTER DERBY - HEAT 1 HT 3Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20193OPEN490 King Cash28.59
CORAL WINTER DERBY - HEAT 2 HT 4Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20194OPEN490 Sporting Dave28.61
CORAL WINTER DERBY - HEAT 3 HT 5Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20195OPEN490 Summer Call28.89
CORAL WINTER DERBY - HEAT 4 HT 6Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20196OPEN490 Trade Fudge28.50
CORAL WINTER DERBY - HEAT 5 HT 7Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20197OPEN490 Nans Padjoe28.81
CORAL WINTER DERBY - HEAT 6 HT 8Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20198OPEN490 King Dylan28.59
CORAL MAIDEN 515 - HEAT 1 HT 9Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20199OPEN515 Come On Lily30.57
CORAL MAIDEN 515 - HEAT 2 HT 10Hove & Brighton21 FEB 201910OPEN515 Cloheena Woody30.59
CORAL 515 HT 11Hove & Brighton21 FEB 201911OPEN515 Shoot the Bolt30.01
CORAL MAIDEN 490 HT 12Hove & Brighton21 FEB 201912OPEN490 Antigua Vows28.94
Monmore Green 21 Feb 2019 HT 12Monmore21 FEB 201912GR A4480 Chasing Highs28.96
The Dublin Unraced 525 FinalShelbourne Park21 FEB 20196GR N0480 Lochnagar28.36
Wheeling Downs 21 Feb 2019 HT A3Wheeling Downs21 FEB 2019A3GR C501 Volando Orange30.52
Yarmouth 21 Feb 2019 HT 2Yarmouth21 FEB 20192GR A5462 Brick Almighty28.68
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN HT 3Harlow20 FEB 20193OPEN415 Colorado Eve26.81
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN STAYERS HT 4Harlow20 FEB 20194OPEN592 Hather Queenie38.31
HARLOW WEDNESDAY SPRINT HT 5Harlow20 FEB 20195OPEN238 Lamorna Fi Fi14.90
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STANDARD HT 7Harlow20 FEB 20197OPEN415 Boynepark Flight26.30
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN SPRINT HT 10Harlow20 FEB 201910OPEN238 Mistletoe Diva15.29
HARLOW MAIDEN MONKEY HT 11Harlow20 FEB 201911OPEN415 Sleepy Genie26.24
Monmore Green 20 Feb 2019 HT 7Monmore20 FEB 20197GR A3480 Bloos Foyle Joey28.74
Monmore Green 20 Feb 2019 HT 9Monmore20 FEB 20199GR A7480 Go Jo Go29.32
Monmore Green 20 Feb 2019 HT 10Monmore20 FEB 201910GR D2264 Fernhill Patch15.56
William Hill - Supporting RPGTV Stakes HT 1Newcastle (Brough Park)20 FEB 201912GR A6480 Isntshelovely29.58
Abbey Stadium Sprint HT 3Swindon20 FEB 20193OPEN285 Forest Lana16.54
Abbey Stadium Standard HT 6Swindon20 FEB 20196OPEN480 Forest Mike28.89
Abbey Stadium Stayers HT 8Swindon20 FEB 20198OPEN685 Magical Icarus42.25
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