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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Henlow 09 Feb 2019 HT 3Henlow9 FEB 20193GR A6460 Coolenaferagh28.17
THE LIFFORD TRACK LOTTO A5/A6 575Lifford9 FEB 20197GR A5526 Milldean Zoe32.23
4 WINS IN A ROW - STELLAS REGGIE HT 4Monmore9 FEB 20194GR A3480 Her Crazy Man28.91
GREYHOUNDS MAKE WONDERFUL PETS HT 6Monmore9 FEB 20196GR D3264 Pull the Trigger15.76
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 1Mullingar9 FEB 20191GR N0480 Dance Rojo29.92
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 2Mullingar9 FEB 20192GR N0480 Gurteen Storm29.86
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 3Mullingar9 FEB 20193GR N0480 Fahy Peach30.06
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 4Mullingar9 FEB 20194GR N0480 Springwell Buzz30.37
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 5Mullingar9 FEB 20195GR N0480 Picture Blake30.46
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 6Mullingar9 FEB 20196GR N0480 Buckbeak29.62
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 Round 1 Heat 7Mullingar9 FEB 20197GR N0480 Fahy Ruby29.96
Williamhill.com Stakes HT 7Newcastle (Brough Park)9 FEB 20197GR A5480 Time In Havana29.38
Perry Barr 09 Feb 2019 HT 5Perry Barr9 FEB 20195GR HP480 Lyleview Recruit29.44
Perry Barr 09 Feb 2019 HT 6Perry Barr9 FEB 20196GR A3480 Fenbay Joe29.41
Perry Barr 09 Feb 2019 HT 11Perry Barr9 FEB 201911GR A4480 Cloncunny Gold29.49
VISIT CORAL.CO.UK HT 10Romford9 FEB 201910GR A4400 Cobalt Belle24.99
Ladbrokes Easter Cup Starts Next Saturday AShelbourne Park9 FEB 20198GR A0480 Jaytee Sienna28.20
2019 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 FinalShelbourne Park9 FEB 20199GROUP1480 Music Toour Ears28.33
Best Car Parks @ City Quay Open 525Shelbourne Park9 FEB 201910GR AA0480 Brownstown Tango28.34
The BoyleSports Open 550Shelbourne Park9 FEB 201911GR AA0503 Slippy Cian29.33
The Michael Luker 40th Birthday Stakes HT 5Swindon9 FEB 20195GR A3480 Westwell Delilah29.63
The Sparta Kennels Open Unraced Stake RoundWaterford9 FEB 20194GR N0480 Burkies Army28.91
The Sparta Kennels Open Unraced Stake RoundWaterford9 FEB 20195GR N0480 Honey Crystal28.68
The Sparta Kennels Open Unraced Stake RoundWaterford9 FEB 20196GR N0480 Nans Major28.74
The Sparta Kennels Open Unraced Stake RoundWaterford9 FEB 20197GR N0480 Worseforwear28.52
The Sparta Kennels Open Unraced Stake RoundWaterford9 FEB 20198GR N0480 El Musica28.97
Wheeling Downs 09 Feb 2019 HT A12Wheeling Downs9 FEB 2019A12GR B501 DL Zigzag30.15
Yarmouth 09 Feb 2019 HT 2Yarmouth9 FEB 20192GR A5462 Jura Buu28.24
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOP HT Hove & Brighton8 FEB 20193GR A2515 Riviera Diva30.35
Monmore Green 08 Feb 2019 HT 7Monmore8 FEB 20197GR D3264 Beatties Dancer15.78
Monmore Green 08 Feb 2019 HT 13Monmore8 FEB 201913GR S3630 Ballydoyle Star39.08
The Fundraising Nights NOVICE 750Newbridge8 FEB 20196GR DD0686 Rathbawn Paddy44.18
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 SNewbridge8 FEB 20197GR N0480 Droopys Megan29.52
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 SNewbridge8 FEB 20198GR N0480 Ridgemount Der29.02
Greyhounds make Great Pets NOVICE 750Newbridge8 FEB 20199GR DD0686 Some News42.81
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDENS FINAL HT 1Romford8 FEB 201910OPEN400 Harlequins Law24.13
Kingdom Stadium Novice Sprint Stakes FinalTralee8 FEB 20194GR N0297 Ballymac Gina18.11
K.G.O.B.A Novice 750Tralee8 FEB 20195GR D8686 Stormy Amie43.28
K.G.O.B.A Novice 750Tralee8 FEB 20199GR D8686 Ballyard Jenny42.71
Derby Lane 07 Feb 2019 HT A3Derby Lane7 FEB 2019A3GR C503 CH Nuttin Honey30.96
HOVE 515 - DUPLICATED HT 1Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20191OPEN515 Down to the Felt30.41
HOVE MAIDEN - DUPLICATED HT 2Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20192OPEN515 Guinness Rover30.52
HOVE 515 - DUPLICATED HT 3Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20193OPEN515 Raise the Stakes30.18
HOVE PUPPIES HT 4Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20194OPEN490 Roman Empire28.66
HOVE MAIDEN SPRINT - HEAT 1 HT 5Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20195OPEN285 Ballymac Mikado16.57
HOVE MAIDEN SPRINT - HEAT 2 HT 6Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20196OPEN285 Slaneyside Oneil16.52
DOWNLOAD THE CORAL APP 490 - FINAL HT 7Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20197OPEN490 Trade Fudge28.67
HOVE 490 - DUPLICATED HT 8Hove & Brighton7 FEB 20198OPEN490 Clash28.94
HOVE 490 - DUPLICATED HT 10Hove & Brighton7 FEB 201910OPEN490 Nans Padjoe28.96
HOVE MAIDEN STAYERS HT 11Hove & Brighton7 FEB 201911OPEN695 Burgess Mially42.75
HOVE MAIDEN - DUPLICATED HT 12Hove & Brighton7 FEB 201912OPEN515 Brave Ark30.31
Monmore Green 07 Feb 2019 HT 3Monmore7 FEB 20193GR A4480 Beatties Fear28.83
Monmore Green 07 Feb 2019 HT 5Monmore7 FEB 20195GR S2630 Keplar Three38.45
Monmore Green 07 Feb 2019 HT 13Monmore7 FEB 201913GR D1264 North Dakota15.50
Monmore Green 07 Feb 2019 HT 14Monmore7 FEB 201914GR A1480 Samba Elca28.85
The Dublin Unraced 525 Round 1 Heat 4Shelbourne Park7 FEB 20195GR N0480 Lochnagar28.20
The Beachcomber Bar and Restaurant A3 525Shelbourne Park7 FEB 20197GR A3480 Oakfront Big Mac28.82
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth7 FEB 20198GR A5462 Bettyshill Chloe28.82
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN HT 5Harlow6 FEB 20195OPEN415 Sandwood Joker26.14
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STANDARD HT 9Harlow6 FEB 20199OPEN415 Fantasy Joey26.29
Monmore Green 06 Feb 2019 HT 6Monmore6 FEB 20196GR A3480 Moonlight Graham29.00
Monmore Green 06 Feb 2019 HT 7Monmore6 FEB 20197GR A2480 Mash Mad Sidney28.39
Monmore Green 06 Feb 2019 HT 8Monmore6 FEB 20198GR A6480 Sarges Connor29.16
Monmore Green 06 Feb 2019 HT 14Monmore6 FEB 201914GR A6480 Boherdeel Tom28.85
Henlow 05 Feb 2019 HT 4Henlow5 FEB 20194GR A10460 Elmslea Puma29.21
Henlow 05 Feb 2019 HT 7Henlow5 FEB 20197GR A9460 Agincourt Ice29.21
Henlow 05 Feb 2019 HT 10Henlow5 FEB 201910GR A9460 Rathbally Rubble29.09
Nottingham 05 Feb 2019 HT 11Nottingham5 FEB 201911GR A4500 Tommy Gudbucka30.51
SHEFFIELD STADIUM MAIDEN 480 HT 6Sheffield5 FEB 20196OPEN480 Nadurra Dutch27.87
The Hotel Minella Open 525Clonmel4 FEB 20194GR AA0480 Sliabh Liag28.71
The Friends Of Clonmel Track Lotto Open SprClonmel4 FEB 20196GR SS0274 Knockalton Guy16.29
The Suirview Kennels A0 / A1 Bitch Stake FiClonmel4 FEB 20197GR A0480 Ballydoyle Grace28.93
Friends Of Clonmel Track Lotto Open 750 FinClonmel4 FEB 20198GR DD0686 Looking Sharp41.75
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake FinaClonmel4 FEB 20199GR N0480 Fainne Chiarrai29.47
The Clonmel Park Hotel Open 550Clonmel4 FEB 201910GR AA0503 Doggy Mcdogface30.07
RACE 7Derry4 FEB 20197GR A1457 Dunaghy Kid28.28
Harlow 04 Feb 2019 HT 5Harlow4 FEB 20195GR A5415 Lemming Masada26.50
Henlow 04 Feb 2019 HT 12Henlow4 FEB 201912GR A5460 Kairi Jem28.64
Monmore Green 04 Feb 2019 HT 12Monmore4 FEB 201912GR A5480 Swift Samantha29.12
Naples-Fort Meyers 04 Feb 2019 HT A6Naples-Ft. Myers4 FEB 2019A6GR D503 CT's Bill30.58
Yarmouth 04 Feb 2019 HT 2Yarmouth4 FEB 20192GR A7462 Hour Glass Snowy29.82
Harlow 03 Feb 2019 HT 8Harlow3 FEB 20198GR A7415 Manic Storm27.86
HENLOW 460 MAIDEN HT 1Henlow3 FEB 20191OPEN460 Promisespromises28.26
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN HT 2Henlow3 FEB 20192OPEN550 Glassmoss Sis34.07
HENLOW STAYERS HT 3Henlow3 FEB 20193OPEN692 Ballymac Zoro43.38
THE CENTRAL PARK MAIDEN SPRINT HT 2Sittingbourne3 FEB 20192OPEN265 Woodcocks Tyson16.70
Wheeling Downs 03 Feb 2019 HT A9Wheeling Downs3 FEB 2019A9GR B501 Rico's Penrose30.36
Derby Lane February 2, 2019 Evening RaceDerby Lane2 FEB 201914GR C503 SNL Dream Weaver30.99
LADBROKES 480 PUPPY WINTER FESTIVAL HT 3Monmore2 FEB 20193OPEN480 Camps Star28.19
100 UP CLUB - UNLIKELY DIVA HT 4Monmore2 FEB 20194OPEN480 Kooga Klass28.32
LADBROKES 480 PUPPY WINTER FESTIVAL HT 5Monmore2 FEB 20195OPEN480 Droopys Taste28.34
LADBROKES 630 WINTER FESTIVAL HT 7Monmore2 FEB 20197OPEN630 Sidarian Blu Ray38.03
VEOLIA STAKES TROPHY HT 8Monmore2 FEB 20198OPEN264 Calzaghe Flash15.11
JOE ELLIS-DAVIESS 21st BIRTHDAY TROPHY HT 1Monmore2 FEB 201910OPEN480 Calzaghe Boyo28.19
LADBROKES 684 WINTER FESTIVAL HT 11Monmore2 FEB 201911OPEN684 Magical Icarus40.85
Monmore Green 02 Feb 2019 HT 13Monmore2 FEB 201913GR A1480 Droopys Aussie28.19
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