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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Wheeling Downs 28 Jul 2019 HT A4Wheeling Downs28 JUL 2019A4GR B501 Hashtag Utopia30.29
Continental Sprint Semi 2Alsonemedi27 JUL 20194OPEN280 Stemgrove Lulu16.97
Old School Sprint OpenAlsonemedi27 JUL 20199OPEN280 Chopchop Steve16.59
Old School Standard OpenAlsonemedi27 JUL 201910OPEN480 Pride of Hungary29.22
Old School Veterans OpenAlsonemedi27 JUL 201911OPEN280 Runtastic Air Force17.47
Kingdom Stadium ON2 Unraced Stakes Semi-FinTralee27 JUL 20195GR ON2480 South Downs Mist28.91
Wheeling Downs 27 Jul 2019 HT A8Wheeling Downs27 JUL 2019A8GR M501 AMF Speed Ticket30.41
Swindon 24 JUL 2019 HT 11Swindon24 JUL 201911GR A3480 Make Me a Star29.70
Wheeling July 24, 2019 Afternoon Race 20Wheeling Downs24 JUL 201920GR B501 Barts Sea Sail30.28
Henlow 23 JUL 2019 HT 8Henlow23 JUL 20198GR A7460 Tree Top Bubbles28.21
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 JUL 2019 HT 6Monmore22 JUL 20196GR A7480 Record Malbec29.17
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20191OPEN480 Black Kinloch28.11
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20192OPEN480 Killoe Pat29.01
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20193OPEN480 Elite Yankee28.56
Hünstetten VL Dogs 480mHünstetten21 JUL 20194OPEN480 Our Smokeys Boy28.51
Hünstetten VL Dogs 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20195OPEN280 Oquino16.47
Hünstetten VL Dogs 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20196OPEN280 Gypsy Yolo16.28
Hünstetten VL Dogs 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20197OPEN280 Rooney Camolin16.41
Hünstetten VL Bitches 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20198OPEN280 Stemgrove Lulu16.77
Hünstetten VL Bitches 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20199OPEN280 Adventure16.65
Hünstetten VL Bitches 480mHünstetten21 JUL 201910OPEN480 Atlanta29.24
Hünstetten VL Bitches 480mHünstetten21 JUL 201911OPEN480 Gogo Girl29.22
Hünstetten Bitches 280m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201912OPEN280 Adventure16.70
Hünstetten Dogs 280m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201913OPEN280 Gypsy Yolo16.39
Hünstetten Bitches 480m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201914OPEN480 Jaxx Valentina28.95
Hünstetten Dogs 480m FinaleHünstetten21 JUL 201915OPEN480 Black Kinloch28.09
Pelaw Grange 21 JUL 2019 HT 9Pelaw Grange21 JUL 20199GR A1435 Ballygillen Maid26.01
Henlow 20 JUL 2019 HT 7Henlow20 JUL 20197GR A7460 Hasskona Jetset28.13
Southland July 20, 2019 Afternoon Race 1Southland20 JUL 201910GR D583 Jimmy Street32.79
Wheeling July 20, 2019 Afternoon Race 2Wheeling Downs20 JUL 20192GR M501 Dutch Chaos30.76
Harlow 15 JUL 2019 HT 1Harlow15 JUL 20191GR D2238 Emilys Baloon14.94
Pelaw Grange 14 JUL 2019 HT 12Pelaw Grange14 JUL 201912GR A2435 Ballygillen Maid25.71
Wheeling Downs 14 Jul 2019 HT A3Wheeling Downs14 JUL 2019A3GR M501 Stormsagathering30.59
The KM Plant and Glenbio 525Cork13 JUL 201911GR A2480 Lubagh Kirsty28.44
2019 JAMES HORAN MEMORIAL A3/4 525 Round 1 Galway13 JUL 20195GR A3480 Badminton Donal28.69
THE TRACK LOTTO ON3 UNRACED 350 SPRINT SemiLifford13 JUL 20192GR ON3320 Unlikely Harley19.39
THE TRACK LOTTO ON3 UNRACED 350 SPRINT SemiLifford13 JUL 20193GR ON3320 Gobby Dobby19.27
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKESMonmore13 JUL 20199GR S1630 Leams Puma38.07
Henlow 12 JUL 2019 HT 4Henlow12 JUL 20194GR A9460 Millroad Captian28.28
Henlow 12 JUL 2019 HT 7Henlow12 JUL 20197GR A8460 Agincourt Eve28.36
Wheeling July 12, 2019 Afternoon Race 16Wheeling Downs12 JUL 201916GR B501 Fly T Rock Star30.28
NEVILL MAIDEN 490 FINALHove & Brighton11 JUL 20197OPEN490 Towstar Freddie28.87
Sittingbourne 11 JUL 2019 HT 2Sittingbourne11 JUL 20192GR A6480 Twisted Bliss30.17
Southland July 10, 2019 Twilight Race 7Southland10 JUL 20197GR D583 PJ Red Bone32.82
Wheeling Downs 10 Jul 2019 HT A4Wheeling Downs10 JUL 2019A4GR M501 WW Conceited30.59
Henlow 06 JUL 2019 HT 3Henlow6 JUL 20193GR A10460 Agincourt Eve28.52
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20192GR K2283 Eddie Murphy17.57
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20193GR K5283 Troll Järven17.60
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20195GR M3488 Shapeofyou29.27
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20196GR M5488 Smile'N Sam29.85
Midlanda 06.07.2019Midlanda6 JUL 20197GR M1488 Met Merlin29.46
ROMFORD Saturday 6th July 2019 SIS Evening Romford6 JUL 20191GR A3400 Wychwood Sarah24.86
Wheeling Downs 06 Jul 2019 HT A13Wheeling Downs6 JUL 2019A13GR C501 Brielle's Girl29.96
Wheeling Downs 05 Jul 2019 HT A9Wheeling Downs5 JUL 2019A9GR B501 Speedy Peedy30.22
SKY RACING BRISBANE CUP FINALAlbion Park4 JUL 20198GROUP1520 Sennachie29.38
Wheeling Downs 04 Jul 2019 HT A2Wheeling Downs4 JUL 2019A2GR M501 Hashtag Elantra30.64
The Follow Us On Twitter 525Cork3 JUL 20199GR A4480 Odell Blitz29.06
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 01 JUL 2019 HT 12Monmore1 JUL 201912GR A6480 Swift Fernanda29.02
Southland 01 Jul 2019 HT 12Southland1 JUL 201912GR C533 Ericthedogman32.03
LEEROY ROGUE @ STUD Capalaba30 JUN 20197GR Open366 Rally Dryva19.83
Sunday Night Maiden Heat 3Sittingbourne30 JUN 201912OPEN480 Cantcallherthat29.57
Wheeling June 30, 2019 Afternoon Race 8Wheeling Downs30 JUN 20198GR C501 Super C Kix30.19
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 29 JUN 2019 HT 6Monmore29 JUN 20196GR A8480 Hello Treacle29.47
English Greyhound Derby Final 2019Nottingham29 JUN 20199GROUP1500 Priceless Blake29.32
Wheeling Downs 29 Jun 2019 HT A12Wheeling Downs29 JUN 2019A12GR AA501 Imark Solo30.15
Henlow 28 JUN 2019 HT 4Henlow28 JUN 20194GR A10460 Savana Rupert29.00
Henlow 28 JUN 2019 HT 10Henlow28 JUN 201910GR S2550 Nothing But Love34.09
Wheeling Downs 28 Jun 2019 HT A3Wheeling Downs28 JUN 2019A3GR M501 Hashtag Veloster30.49
Bad Hare Day TrophyNewcastle (Brough Park)27 JUN 20198GR HP640 Wee Roxy39.39
Southland 27 Jun 2019 HT 12Southland27 JUN 201912GR C533 Bigger Cheese31.99
Owners Bonus Series First Bonus of Ten TropPelaw Grange23 JUN 20191GR A6435 Mid West Glee27.02
Wheeling June 23, 2019 Afternoon Race 8Wheeling Downs23 JUN 20198GR C501 First Refusal30.20
The 'Coppice Kennels' StakesHenlow22 JUN 20196GR A10460 Coasthopper Vic28.60
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 22 JUN 2019 HT 1Perry Barr22 JUN 20191GR A8480 Killala Dancer29.94
Southland 22 Jun 2019 HT A12Southland22 JUN 2019A12GR C533 WW Annika Marks32.06
Southland 22 Jun 2019 HT A17Southland22 JUN 2019A17GR B533 CTW Atomic Blond32.04
Wheeling Downs 22 Jun 2019 HT A20Wheeling Downs22 JUN 2019A20GR C501 Hashtag Utopia30.12
Wheeling Downs 21 Jun 2019 HT A5Wheeling Downs21 JUN 2019A5GR M501 Hashtag Slowhand30.60
FLYING AMY CLASSIC FINALAlbion Park20 JUN 20196GROUP3520 Feral Franky29.99
Wheeling Downs 20 Jun 2019 HT A18Wheeling Downs20 JUN 2019A18GR AA501 TMC's Tyme Flys30.14
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 19 JUN 2019 HT 7Monmore19 JUN 20197GR A1480 Shaneboy Lincoln28.75
HENLOW PM TUESDAY 18TH JUNEHenlow18 JUN 20191GR A11460 Salthill Dreamer29.31
Sunderland-Greyhounds.co.uk StakesSunderland18 JUN 20191GR A5450 Witton Jaguar28.26
Harlow 17 JUN 2019 HT 5Harlow17 JUN 20195GR A5415 Lemming Lara26.25
Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth) 17 JUN 2019 HT 5Yarmouth17 JUN 20195GR A6462 Royden Wolf28.51
Southland 16 Jun 2019 HT 5Southland16 JUN 20195GR C533 WW Excelingshiva32.27
Wheeling Downs 16 Jun 2019 HT A8Wheeling Downs16 JUN 2019A8GR C501 Jay's Roxy29.91
Wheeling Downs 16 Jun 2019 HT A9Wheeling Downs16 JUN 2019A9GR B501 Naughty Tiger30.30
Crayford 14 JUN 2019 HT 8Crayford14 JUN 20198GR S3540 Cantcallherthat33.92
Friday 14th June 2019Sheffield14 JUN 20191GR A4500 Kowloon Pricey29.91
Wheeling Downs 14 Jun 2019 HT A3Wheeling Downs14 JUN 2019A3GR M501 KB's Wisky River29.81
Wheeling Downs 14 Jun 2019 HT A7Wheeling Downs14 JUN 2019A7GR A501 Fraulein Sammy30.09
Iowa Greyhound Park June 13, 2019 EveningDubuque13 JUN 20198GR TC550 Tiny Hug31.28
ROMFORD Wednesday 12th June 2019 SIS MeetinRomford12 JUN 20191GR A1400 Droopys Remote24.19
CHECK ROMFORDDOGS.COM FOR ALL YOUR RACING NRomford12 JUN 20199GR A4400 Wychwood Katie24.86
Swindon 12 JUN 2019 HT 9Swindon12 JUN 20199GR A5480 Make Me a Star29.31
Wheeling Downs 12 Jun 2019 HT A11Wheeling Downs12 JUN 2019A11GR C501 WW Janet Reno30.17
Wheeling Downs 12 Jun 2019 HT A13Wheeling Downs12 JUN 2019A13GR B501 Sandy King30.34
KEYBOW @ STUDCapalaba9 JUN 20195GR Mixe366 Rally Dryva19.95
Swindon 08 JUN 2019 HT 7Swindon8 JUN 20197GR A2480 Emotional28.71
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