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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES

Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Healthcare and Transport Services Oaks RounShelbourne Park6 APR 20194GR AA0480 Cracked Lady28.79
Monmore Green 05 Apr 2019 HT 2Monmore5 APR 20192GR S1630 Cush Girl39.07
Wheeling Downs 05 Apr 2019 HT A14Wheeling Downs5 APR 2019A14GR B501 JS Geartotherear30.24
Monmore Green 04 Apr 2019 HT 11Monmore4 APR 201911GR A3480 Enchanted Shadow29.65
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth4 APR 20197GR A6462 Curley Whit28.61
Naples-Fort Meyers 03 Apr 2019 HT 7Naples-Ft. Myers3 APR 20197GR B503 CT's Bill30.38
Blunsdon Maiden 509ER HT 8Swindon3 APR 20198OPEN509 Jelly Flood30.56
Wheeling Downs 03 Apr 2019 HT A19Wheeling Downs3 APR 2019A19GR A501 Kelsos Redmenace30.38
Henlow 02 Apr 2019 HT 7Henlow2 APR 20197GR A11460 Demetris Dream29.20
Monmore Green 02 Apr 2019 HT 2Monmore2 APR 20192GR A7480 Record Malbec29.10
Henlow 01 Apr 2019 HT 4Henlow1 APR 20194GR A8460 Catch Kushino28.71
Henlow 30 Mar 2019 HT 7Henlow30 MAR 20197GR A5460 Mashmad Bale28.00
LAWRENCE JONES MEMORIAL FESTIVAL - 480 BITCMonmore30 MAR 20194OPEN480 Geelo Blissful27.91
LAWRENCE JONES MEMORIAL FESTIVAL- 480 MAIDEMonmore30 MAR 201914OPEN480 Moorstown Duke28.42
Perry Barr 30 Mar 2019 HT 7Perry Barr30 MAR 20197GR A5480 Rocky Dee29.37
Perry Barr 30 Mar 2019 HT 7Perry Barr30 MAR 2019A7GR A8480 Johns Vintage30.02
Wheeling Downs 30 Mar 2019 HT A12Wheeling Downs30 MAR 2019A12GR B501 Redneck Girl30.58
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth30 MAR 20197GR A6462 Gangsters Gold28.55
Frightful Flash Kennels McCalmont Cup A1 RoKilkenny29 MAR 20196GR A1480 Skywalker Rafa28.90
BETTY JONESS 84th BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 4Monmore29 MAR 20194GR D4264 Enchanted Wonder15.98
Monmore Green 29 Mar 2019 HT 12Monmore29 MAR 201912GR S3630 Ballydoyle Star38.87
Southland 29 Mar 2019 HT 18Southland29 MAR 201918GR B533 KBF Country Gal32.05
Wheeling Downs 29 Mar 2019 HT A7Wheeling Downs29 MAR 2019A7GR A501 Royal Reba30.31
Monmore Green 28 Mar 2019 HT 5Monmore28 MAR 20195GR S2630 Keplar Two38.92
Wheeling Downs 28 Mar 2019 HT A16Wheeling Downs28 MAR 2019A16GR A501 BGR Charlie30.50
Yarmouth 28 Mar 2019 HT 1Yarmouth28 MAR 20191GR A5462 Brick Almighty28.63
Yarmouth 28 Mar 2019 HT 4Yarmouth28 MAR 20194GR A8462 Royden Wolf29.24
Peterborough 27 Mar 2019 HT 9Peterborough27 MAR 20199GR A9435 Airtech Mick27.25
Monmore Green 25 Mar 2019 HT 12Monmore25 MAR 201912GR D4264 Enchanted Wonder16.16
Yarmouth 25 Mar 2019 HT 4Yarmouth25 MAR 20194GR A6462 Brandy Chaser28.56
Race 10Yarmouth25 MAR 201910GR A5462 Motive Eight28.74
KENT SILVER SALVER SEMI FINAL 2 HT 8Sittingbourne24 MAR 20198OPEN265 Magical Houdini16.16
Wheeling Downs 24 Mar 2019 HT A17Wheeling Downs24 MAR 2019A17GR A501 FF Hamilton29.94
Dundalk Stadium A3 525 Semi-FinalDundalk23 MAR 20198GR A3480 Patchys Sky28.75
THE RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST A5 525Lifford23 MAR 201912GR A5480 Fridays Avril29.52
THE BANKSS AMBER BITTER STAKES HT 8Monmore23 MAR 20198GR A6480 Fairground29.18
Monmore Green 23 Mar 2019 HT 13Monmore23 MAR 201913GR S1630 Seanachai38.77
Perry Barr 23 Mar 2019 HT 2Perry Barr23 MAR 20192GR A9480 Final Love30.31
Perry Barr 23 Mar 2019 HT 3Perry Barr23 MAR 20193GR A8480 Lumberjack29.99
Perry Barr 23 Mar 2019 HT 11Perry Barr23 MAR 201911GR A5480 Lisnaboy Katie29.54
SHEFFIELD SPRINT TROPHY DUPLICATED HT 4Sheffield23 MAR 20194OPEN280 Bramble Milburn15.79
Southland 23 Mar 2019 HT A15Southland23 MAR 2019A15GR B533 JS Jail Bait32.20
Henlow 22 Mar 2019 HT 7Henlow22 MAR 20197GR A11460 Footfield Pete29.25
Frightful Flash Kennels McCalmont Cup A1 RoKilkenny22 MAR 20195GR A1480 Skywalker Rafa29.10
Naples-Fort Meyers 22 Mar 2019 HT E5Naples-Ft. Myers22 MAR 2019E5GR C503 CT's Bill30.51
The www.ownagreyhound.ie A3 525Shelbourne Park22 MAR 20195GR A3480 Cracked Lady28.93
Wheeling Downs 22 Mar 2019 HT A20Wheeling Downs22 MAR 2019A20GR A501 BS Archery30.45
Yarmouth 21 Mar 2019 HT 3Yarmouth21 MAR 20193GR A8462 Suirview Barry29.17
Monmore Green 20 Mar 2019 HT 8Monmore20 MAR 20198GR A10480 Enchanted Wonder30.23
Swindon 20 Mar 2019 HT 5Swindon20 MAR 20195GR A2480 Alarming Khaos29.04
The Swindon Maiden 509ER HT 6Swindon20 MAR 20196OPEN509 Southfield Bea29.90
The Swindon Standard HT 9Swindon20 MAR 20199OPEN480 Kingsbrook Glyn28.79
Wheeling Downs 20 Mar 2019 HT A20Wheeling Downs20 MAR 2019A20GR A501 VJ Geturfreakon29.73
Crayford 19 Mar 2019 HT 3Crayford19 MAR 20193GR A3380 Clongeel Dubh23.50
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Semi-FiEnniscorthy18 MAR 20195GR N0480 Cosy Patsy29.65
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Semi-FiEnniscorthy18 MAR 20196GR N0480 Boderan Stevie29.22
Monmore Green 18 Mar 2019 HT 8Monmore18 MAR 20198GR A7480 Skipalong Max29.15
Nottingham 18 Mar 2019 HT 4Nottingham18 MAR 20194GR A4500 Odell Ayla30.12
The Fairgrove Homes Trophy HT 9Nottingham18 MAR 20199OPEN500 Quivers Fancy30.12
Perry Barr 17 Mar 2019 HT 10Perry Barr17 MAR 201910GR D3275 Glenhill Holly16.54
Rotterdam 17.03.2019Rotterdam17 MAR 20192GR 280 Gotta Pick Him16.03
Southland 17 Mar 2019 HT 8Southland17 MAR 20198GR B533 Bar Gin32.39
THE LIFFORD UPCOMING STAKES A5/A6 575Lifford16 MAR 201911GR A5526 Avadon Bandit32.18
Spring Open Unraced 525 FinalLimerick16 MAR 20197GR N0480 Alien Sea28.66
Monmore Green 16 Mar 2019 HT 4Monmore16 MAR 20194GR A2480 Proud Prize29.12
Perry Barr 16 Mar 2019 HT 7Perry Barr16 MAR 20197GR A5480 Swift Argo29.53
Owlerton Stadium Standard - Duplicated HT 8Sheffield16 MAR 20198OPEN500 Laidback Larry29.78
Jonathan McKenna Memorial Novice Open RoundDundalk15 MAR 20197GR N0480 Lacey Chosen29.37
Henlow 15 Mar 2019 HT 10Henlow15 MAR 201910GR A8460 Savana Roma28.93
Monmore Green 14 Mar 2019 HT 5Monmore14 MAR 20195GR A3480 Bravo Kiss28.59
Wheeling Downs 14 Mar 2019 HT A18Wheeling Downs14 MAR 2019A18GR A501 DS Archer29.96
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth14 MAR 20197GR A8462 Edmundo28.69
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth14 MAR 201910GR A5462 Temple Jojo28.59
Southland 13 Mar 2019 HT 11Southland13 MAR 201911GR B533 BGR Z Z Top31.97
Wheeling Downs 13 Mar 2019 HT A16Wheeling Downs13 MAR 2019A16GR A501 XM Coco29.51
Crayford Tuesday 12th March 2019 Morning SICrayford12 MAR 20191GR A5380 Kelva Sunrise23.71
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 2Enniscorthy11 MAR 20193GR N0480 Altesse Samcro29.71
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 2Enniscorthy11 MAR 20194GR N0480 Know Wonder29.78
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 2Enniscorthy11 MAR 20195GR N0480 Tagalong Dory30.05
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 2Enniscorthy11 MAR 20196GR N0480 Boderan Stevie29.69
Monmore Green 11 Mar 2019 HT 2Monmore11 MAR 20192GR A2480 Sporting Jake28.77
CORAL BET & GET CLUB HT 6Romford11 MAR 20196GR S1575 Bubbly Panther36.29
CORAL BACKS CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK HT 10Romford11 MAR 201910GR A1400 Chopchop Beckey24.39
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP (1ST SEMI-FINAL) HT Henlow10 MAR 20191OPEN550 Razldazl Valerie34.19
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP (2ND SEMI-FINAL) HT Henlow10 MAR 20192OPEN550 Savana Awesome34.30
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP (3RD SEMI-FINAL) HT Henlow10 MAR 20193OPEN550 Roxholme Butt34.20
GREYHOUND STAR MARATHON FINAL HT 4Henlow10 MAR 20194OPEN870 Goldies Hotspur55.94
THE BOOKMAKERS A4/A5 TRI DISTANCE FinalLifford9 MAR 20198GR A4526 Lisdhu Gem32.61
Spring Open Unraced 525 Semi-FinalLimerick9 MAR 20191GR N0480 Alien Sea28.84
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 SEMI FINAL1 HT 4Monmore9 MAR 20194OPEN480 Seaglass Tiger28.46
LADBROKES 630 HT 5Monmore9 MAR 20195OPEN630 Millroad Smokey38.29
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 SEMI FINAL 2 HT Monmore9 MAR 20196OPEN480 Toolmaker Me Dad28.37
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 7Monmore9 MAR 20197OPEN480 Forest Mike28.49
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 SEMI FINAL 3 HT Monmore9 MAR 20198OPEN480 Roman Empire28.45
Terry Princes 61st Birthday Celebration HT Nottingham9 MAR 20194GR A5500 Towstar Poppy31.14
Susan Bowes Rememberance Trophy HT 5Pelaw Grange9 MAR 20195GR S1590 Downtown Katie37.29
CORAL APP NOW AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY HT 1Romford9 MAR 201910GR A2400 Wychwood Sarah24.94
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 1 HT 7Sheffield9 MAR 20197OPEN500 Droopys Wild29.10
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 2 HT 8Sheffield9 MAR 20198OPEN500 Droopys Verve28.69
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