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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES

Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of Race ^StadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Drumbo Park22 JUL 20115GR S6306 Myella Duke18.57
05 JUL 2020 HT 3Towcester5 JUL 20203GR A6500 Francos Caz30.06
12 JUL 2020 HT 4Towcester12 JUL 20204GR A4500 Francos Caz30.15
13 DEC 2014 HT 1Towcester13 DEC 20141GR IV480 Butterbridge Kia28.79
13 DEC 2014 HT 5Towcester13 DEC 20145OPEN480 Ibiza Rocks28.37
13 DEC 2014 HT 8Towcester13 DEC 20148GR IV480 Metro Jack28.43
15 JAN 2015 HT 12Towcester15 JAN 201512OPEN686 Mays Petal42.19
20 SEP 2020 HT 11Towcester20 SEP 202011GR D2270 Rafan One16.19
21 JUN 2020 HT 2Towcester21 JUN 20202GR A2500 Ivy Hill Skyhigh29.60
21 JUN 2020 HT 3Towcester21 JUN 20203GR A3500 Sheldan29.81
21 JUN 2020 HT 4Towcester21 JUN 20204GR A4500 Ten Bags Jack30.18
21 JUN 2020 HT 6Towcester21 JUN 20206GR A5500 Minstrels30.22
21 JUN 2020 HT 8Towcester21 JUN 20208GR A6500 Hector Me Daddy30.35
22 JAN 2015 HT 10Towcester22 JAN 201510OPEN480 Rosealinda28.43
28 JUN 2020 HT 6Towcester28 JUN 20206GR A2500 Sidaz Jet29.92
28 JUN 2020 HT 8Towcester28 JUN 20208GR A3500 Lemming Edith30.08
"BRINDLE DUKE" - VETERAN OF 2005 STAKESWalthamstow11 MAR 20067GR A4475 Nesbet29.21
"Carole is Off to Have a Baby" 525 StakesDrumbo Park1 OCT 200910GR A2480 Home Nora29.17
"CLONBRIN SHOW" - 640 DOG OF 2005 STAKESWalthamstow11 MAR 200610GR S1640 Treanaree Jill40.18
"Don't Sit On It" Bowel Cancer Campaign A2/Drumbo Park19 FEB 200910GR A2480 Marys On Tour29.65
"Dragues" A3/A4 525Harolds Cross10 APR 20079GR A3480 Early Post29.41
"ELITE BRONZE" A2 SWEEP STAKE FINALLimerick24 JUN 20064GR A2480 Maninthemiddle28.81
"Eugene Goulding's Stag Night" 750Cork11 MAY 20126GR D4686 Beanos Kenny42.29
"FIRE HEIGHT DAN" - 475 DOG OF 2005 STAKESWalthamstow11 MAR 200611GR A2475 Franks Quest29.27
"Happy 18th Birthday To David O Donnell" A8Limerick11 MAY 20125GR A8480 Whipper Snipper29.41
"Happy Birthday David Casey" S4 350Limerick27 APR 20124GR S4320 Fionntra Nikita19.32
"JANUARY TIGER" 2006 GRAND PRIX WINNER STAKWalthamstow14 OCT 20061OPEN475 Journey North28.78
"LETHAL RUMBLE" - HURDLER OF THE YEAR STAKEWalthamstow11 MAR 20066GR S2640 Simple Pleasure40.33
"MAXIMUM RESPECT" - PUPPY OF 2005 STAKESWalthamstow11 MAR 20068GR A3475 Cunning Dandy29.40
"OLYBEAN" - 475 BITCH OF 2005 STAKESWalthamstow11 MAR 20064GR P7475 Nikray Gifted29.62
"Sarah’s Race to be 21" A5 525Drumbo Park17 NOV 20118GR A5480 Jaljal29.69
"SO YOU WANT TO RUN A PUB? "Walthamstow4 JUL 20065GR A6475 Snoozys Palace29.30
"SOFEM" - 640 BITCH OF 2005 STAKESWalthamstow11 MAR 20065GR A5475 Zucolade29.28
"SOL LATE LATE" MEMORIAL STAKESWalthamstow14 OCT 20069OPEN640 January Tiger39.49
"Sorry You Are Leaving Rose McHaugh" S6/S7 Limerick27 APR 20122GR S6320 Bees Wing19.22
"STAR OF DROMIN" - MARATHON DOG OF 2005 STAWalthamstow11 MAR 20069GR A3475 Sleek Seano28.90
"THE SHEILINGS" STAKESWalthamstow10 JUN 20064GR P7475 King Forever29.48
#GoTheBlueDogHealesville20 SEP 201511GR Mixe300 Splash of White16.56
$27 BuffetMandurah3 JUL 20140GR 5302 Deep Drill17.49
$27 BuffetMandurah20 JUN 20140GR 5302 Digger Knudson17.31
$27 BuffetMandurah5 JUN 20140GR 5302 Sharyn's Spirit17.30
$27 Tuesday BuffetMandurah21 JAN 20140MAIDEN405 Popcorn Queen23.25
$27 Tuesday BuffetMandurah17 DEC 20130MAIDEN405 Fly Bayou23.28
$27 Tuesday BuffetMandurah3 JUL 20120MAIDEN405 Cosmic Steel23.14
$35 Best Bet PackCannington9 JUN 20100GR FTA297 Night Melody17.08
$35 Best Bet Pack (SKY) Mixed 4/5 (530)Cannington24 MAR 20100GR 4/5530 Buckle Up Eric30.55
$35 Best Pack Juvenile StakeCannington27 MAY 20090STAKE530 Lagoon Biggles30.96
€3,000 RIALTO PLANT HIRE 29.30 PUPPY Shelbourne Park22 OCT 20053OPEN480 Captain Max28.96
€1,200 Betting On The Tote A4 Novice 7Kilkenny30 JAN 20153GR DD0663 Garryglass Zara41.47
€1,200 Betting On The Tote A4 Novice 7Kilkenny23 JAN 20155GR DD0663 Group Rebel41.63
€1,200 Betting On The Tote A4 Novice 7Kilkenny23 JAN 20156GR DD0663 Garryglass Zara41.63
€1,700 Track Bar N1 525 FinalKilkenny19 DEC 20141GR N1480 Clonkeen Lark29.30
€1,700 Track Bar N1 525 Round 1 Heat 1Kilkenny3 DEC 20144GR N1480 Breagaghs Beauty30.04
€1,700 Track Bar N1 525 Round 1 Heat 2Kilkenny3 DEC 20145GR N1480 Tedo Missy29.79
€1,700 Track Bar N1 525 Round 1 Heat 3Kilkenny3 DEC 20146GR N1480 Clonkeen Lark29.34
€1,700 Track Bar N1 525 Semi-FinalKilkenny10 DEC 20145GR N1480 Blackstone Blitz29.67
€1,700 Track Bar N1 525 Semi-FinalKilkenny10 DEC 20146GR N1480 Clonkeen Lark29.21
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20191GR N0480 Pennys Moira28.88
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20192GR N0480 Listentothehulk29.15
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20193GR N0480 Ridgemount Der29.39
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20194GR N0480 Knockaulin Click29.32
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20195GR N0480 Fiddly Diddly29.72
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20196GR N0480 Julies Paradise28.63
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20197GR N0480 Coventry Kelly29.58
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge25 JAN 20198GR N0480 Leahs Product29.51
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge1 FEB 20196GR N0480 Listentothehulk29.28
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge1 FEB 20197GR N0480 Ridgemount Der29.16
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge1 FEB 20198GR N0480 Boylesportstwink29.43
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 RNewbridge1 FEB 20199GR N0480 Forest Neil29.32
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 SNewbridge8 FEB 20197GR N0480 Droopys Megan29.52
€11.50 Sizzler Deal OPEN UNRACED 525 SNewbridge8 FEB 20198GR N0480 Ridgemount Der29.02
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork30 AUG 20149GR A1480 Graigues Kaino28.52
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork16 AUG 20146GR A1480 Captain Karnage28.52
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork16 AUG 20147GR A1480 Burgess Oscar28.18
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork16 AUG 20148GR A1480 Graigues Kaino28.45
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20141GR A1480 Fantasma28.60
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20143GR A1480 Burgess Oscar28.08
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20144GR A1480 Graigues Kaino28.44
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20145GR A1480 Mr Outback28.26
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20146GR A1480 Burgess Four28.62
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20148GR A1480 Burgess Rumble28.41
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork9 AUG 20149GR A1480 Whatasetup28.75
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork23 AUG 20146GR A1480 Joes Mixa28.65
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 StakCork23 AUG 20147GR A1480 Burgess Four28.13
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Round 1 HeaKilkenny23 JAN 20158GR A3480 Manners Legend29.69
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Round 1 HeaKilkenny23 JAN 20159GR A3480 Karlow James29.51
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Round 1 HeaKilkenny23 JAN 201510GR A3480 Blackrose Delta29.43
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Semi-FinalKilkenny30 JAN 20157GR A3480 Garryglass Sammy29.83
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Semi-FinalKilkenny30 JAN 20158GR A3480 Olympic Money30.29
€2,400 A1 Rearing and Schooling A2 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20147GR A2480 Ballybough Oz29.35
€2,400 A1 Rearing and Schooling A2 525Kilkenny7 NOV 20147GR A2480 Ascot Lydia29.50
€2,400 A1 Rearing and Schooling A2 525Kilkenny7 NOV 20148GR A2480 Mister Bates29.26
€2,400 A1 Rearing and Schooling A2 525Kilkenny14 NOV 20148GR A2480 Roo Ace29.23
€2,400 A1 Rearing and Schooling A2 525Kilkenny14 NOV 20149GR A2480 Mister Bates29.57
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20145GR A4480 Raheen Rondo29.81
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny7 NOV 20143GR A4480 Bricken Bound29.55
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny7 NOV 20144GR A4480 Condor Lily29.39
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny7 NOV 20145GR A4480 Condor Allie29.24
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny7 NOV 20146GR A4480 Raheen Rondo29.34
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny14 NOV 20143GR A4480 Raheen Rondo29.30
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